Miracle Worker Ship Bundle

I've been remiss in posting reviews lately.  We've had a couple of special event reruns, notably the Mirror Invasion and Sompek (revamped), but I just... the Mirror event is a time-gated grind-fest.  At least with this last one, they made the reward an account-unlock.  But enough hyphenated words, let's talk about the new ships! I … Continue reading Miracle Worker Ship Bundle


Weekend Event: Kobayashi Maru Mini-Review

And now for something only tangentially related to the actual Kobayashi Maru simulation: No-Win Scenario v0.5a - "Kobayashi Mary Simulation" Lieutenant Chin Tattoo tells you all about it in the pre-mission briefing: A limited weekend event, like the Sompek Arena, only not as easy. There are timed (15 minutes) and un-timed flavours of this event, … Continue reading Weekend Event: Kobayashi Maru Mini-Review

First Contact Day Re-Enactment Mini-Review

The First Contact Day event is back!  Or rather, a completely NEW event is available for this year's First Contact Day celebration.  In previous years, each faction had a special mission in which they could partake that rewarded a special prize at the end. Federation = Phoenix non-combat space pet KDF = Tritanium Rending Bat'leth Romulan … Continue reading First Contact Day Re-Enactment Mini-Review